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Councilmember Tom Huynh
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Tom Huynh was elected to serve as the District 1 Councilmember on the West Valley City Council in 2011. At age 19 Tom escaped from Vietnam and found his way to a refugee camp in the Philippines, where he worked as a volunteer deputy commissioner. In 1988 Tom's dream of immigrating to America was fulfilled where he learned English at Portland Community College. Tom saved money to pay his own way for a church mission in Washington D.C. to serve Southeast Asian refugees. This experience gave him confidence, self-discipline, helped him develop leadership skills and provided another chance to serve others. Tom later served as President of the Vietnamese Community of Utah where he assisted various ethnic groups with sharing their culture and way of life at celebrations, and brought the community together for many other projects.

Tom traveled to New Orleans as a volunteer to rebuild homes in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. This experience forged in him the love of serving others and the deep desire to be involved in public service to the community. Tom holds a Bachelor of Arts in Asian Studies from Brigham Young University and works as a commercial agent for Home and Family Realty, Inc.

Tom is married and has two sons.
Councilmember Tom Huynh