Sutherland Score

Using an online list of cities in Utah from a state government website, Sutherland Institute graded city websites using the Sunshine Review's 10-point transparency checklist. Sunshine Review is a non-profit organization that hosts a website where citizens can learn whether their state, city, county, and school district are meeting basic transparency standards. As part of those efforts, Sunshine Review created the checklist which gives 10 pieces of information that all levels of government should post on their websites to meet a basic standard of transparency.

The 10 items were chosen based on a survey of organizations that advocate for open, transparent government. These items are listed below along with a quick link to find the information on our website:
  1. A central page for information on city taxes and fees (click here)
  2. The city budget (click here)
  3. Names and contact information for elected city leaders (click here)
  4. Names and contact information for non-elected city administrators (click here)
  5. Minutes of past city council meetings (click here)
  6. Financial audits of the city (click here)
  7. Contracts that the city has awarded to private businesses (click here)
  8. A list of any lobbying organization of which the city is a member (click here)
  9. Instructions for obtaining public information from the city (click here)
  10. "How-to" information for obtaining building permits from the city (click here)