Emergency Contact

Valley Emergency Communications Center (VECC) and the West Valley City Police Department strongly encourage ALL residents with cell phones to register your phone numbers. VECC is the emergency dispatch center that handles all 911 and 801-840-4000 dispatch phone calls in West Valley City.

When a child is called in as missing, officers respond and conduct an investigation that includes searching the house, canvassing the neighborhood and potentially sending out a DCC (reverse 911 or contacting the Child Is Missing Organization).

We want citizens to know they can and should register their cell phone numbers through VECC, and they can also register at A Child Is Missing.

To register numbers through VECC, go to www.vecc9-1-1.com, on the top right side there is a tab (VoIP Registration), complete the registration from.

To register cell phone numbers through A Child Is Missing, go to www.achildismissing.org. On the top left of the page there is a tab "Get wireless - Text - Phone - Email Alerts".

In the case of a missing child, this adds your phone number to the reverse 911 call list. You will receive a recorded message that informs you about the missing child in your area.