WVC Fiber Macquarie Partnership

West Valley City Council is reviewing a public private partnership proposal from Macquarie Capital Group to provide WVC Fiber. Macquarie is a large multinational corporation that would be responsible for financing, building and managing the WVC Fiber network.

As part of the proposal that West Valley City is reviewing, every address in the city would be connected to the fiber network; this build out would take place within 30 months of signing a contract with Macquarie. After the build out of the fiber network is completed within a neighborhood, a utility fee will be assessed to each home or apartment. This utility fee will include internet service at no additional charge.

West Valley City is examining the opportunities and risks involved in the proposal. No decision will be made, and no contract will be signed without going through a thorough public examination and input process. You can review the current Macquarie proposal here.

KSL Salt Lake Tribune
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