Lost & Found

West Valley City Animal Services is proud to operate a no-kill animal shelter!

If you have lost a pet, begin your search immediately! Follow these suggestions to make your search effective:
  • Visit your local Animal Shelter every two to three days
    • The West Valley City Animal Shelter holds strays for a minimum of five business days before they are adopted out or sent to rescue groups. Please do not call the shelter looking for your lost pet, you are the Best person to identify your animal.
  • Check with local veterinary offices
    • Often times, people who have found a lost animal will notify the closest veterinary office to inform them that they have found a lost pet.
  • Ask, ask, ask
    • Ask your neighbors, postal carrier, or newspaper delivery person, show them a picture and ask them if they have seen any found dog signs hanging up in the area.
  • Post Signs
    • Post signs around your neighborhood and on local community boards at grocery stores, community centers, etc.
  • Post Ads
    • Look in the lost and found section of the newspaper. Often times no fees are charged to place a found ad. Place a lost animal ad if you can.
  • If you have found an animal
    • Please take it to the local animal shelter where it has a better chance of being reunited with it's owners. You may want to post a sign in your window stating that you have found an animal also.
    • Remember, the animal owner cannot find their pet if its kept in your home. Sometimes the pet will have a microchip. Any animal hospital or animal shelter will have a scanner that will read the microchip information that will help it get back home.

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Adoption meet and greets are stopped one hour prior to closing each day to allow our staff to prepare the animals for bed.

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