Membership & Admission

Family Fitness Center Fee Summary

Updated: December 23rd, 2020

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(Sales Tax Included)

Child (up to 3)
Youth (4 to 11)
Student (12 to 17)
Adult (18 to 61)
Senior (62 and older )


Memberships INCLUDE

 Indoor pools, edutainment center, gym, rock wall, weight room, cardio theater, racquetball courts UNLIMITED group fitness classes, and discounts on select program fees.

Membership Fees

Corporate Memberships Available! Call 801-955-4007 for details!

Membership FeesClub
Child (up to 3)
Included with Adult Admission
Youth$133.00 plus tax$183.00 plus tax$5/month or $60/year
Youth EFT$13.00/month (eft)$17.00/month (eft)$5/month or $60/year
Student$167.00 plus tax$217.00 plus tax$5/month or $60/year
Student EFT$16.50/month (eft)$20.50/month (eft)$5/month or $60/year
Adult$208.00 plus tax$258.00 plus tax$5/month or $60/year
Adult EFT$21.00/month (eft)$25.00/month (eft)$5/month or $60/year
Senior$150.00 plus tax$168.00 plus tax$5/month or $60/year
Senior EFT$14.00/month (eft)$16.00/month (eft)$5/month or $60/year
Adult Couple$312.00 plus tax$362.00 plus tax$5/month or $60/year
Adult Couple EFT$31.00/month (eft)$35.00/month (eft)$5/month or $60/year
Senior Couple$208.00 plus tax$236.00 plus tax$5/month or $60/year
Senior Couple EFT$20.00/month (eft)$22.00/month (eft)$5/month or $60/year
Family(Up to Six)$370.00 plus tax$420.00 plus tax$8/month or $96/year
Family(Up to Six) EFT$36.00/month (eft)$40.00/month (eft)

Note: EFT (Electronic Fund Transfers) require a minimum of 12 monthly payments. The EFT fees listed above include sales tax.

Membership Definitions

Family: A family consists of up six individuals who are living in the same residence and are related. All of these conditions must exist to determine family status. A $25 (plus tax) annual fee ($2.00 per month for EFT) will be added for each additional legal family member over six people. Variances to this definition may take place for unique situations. To obtain an exception to the policy, a request for variance form needs to be submitted. The Facility Director, Department Head, and/or designee will make a final decision on each of these requests.

Couple: A couple is two individuals who share the same household. One couple membership per household is allowed.

Senior: A senior is an individual who is 62 years of age or older. A senior couple membership may be purchased if one individual in the couple meets this requirement.

Locker Rentals

Size3 Month3 Month Senior
Full Size$30.00 plus tax$15.00 plus tax
Half Size$22.50 plus tax$11.25 plus tax