Vial of Life

What is the Vial of Life program?
The Vial of Life is an emergency preparedness program sponsored by West Valley City, West Valley Citizen Corps Council and Pioneer Valley Hospital as part of their mission to make West Valley City more disaster resistant and resilient through citizen volunteer involvement. The purpose of the Vial of Life program is to encourage residents, particularly those who are homebound, living alone, or with special medical needs, to compile personal information and place it where it can be easily located by 911 responders in the event of an emergency.
Vial of Life Text
The most important component of the Vial of Life program is the Information Sheet which includes emergency contact information, medical history and other pertinent data on EACH individual who lives in the home. The completed information sheet(s) is folded and rolled, then placed inside the provided Vial of Life container.

Once completed, the Vial of Life is placed in a visible location, preferably on a shelf in the door of the refrigerator, where 911 responders can easily locate it to access important and possibly
lifesaving information. The packet also includes a Vial of Life magnet which should be placed on the outside of the refrigerator door, preferably the upper right corner, where it can be seen by 911 responders as notification to look for the pertinent information inside.

Why should I participate in the Vial of Life program?
  • The Vial of Life program is FREE!
  • It will provide information you may not be able to provide to 911 responders during an emergency.
  • It is an easy and safe way to share information with those who may need it in an emergency situation.
  • The Vial of Life program could save your life!
How do I participate in the Vial of Life program?
  1. Obtain a FREE Vial of Life brochure, which includes the instructions and information sheet for EACH resident at your address, the empty vial, and a magnet for your refrigerator. The packets are available FREE of charge from the West Valley City Public Relations and Neighborhood Services Office, 3600 South Constitution Boulevard, Suite 230 or by calling 801-963-3562.
  2. After picking up the packet, EACH resident of the household should complete an information sheet.
  3. Once the sheet(s) is complete, roll it to fit inside the Vial of Life container.
  4. Place the Vial of Life container on a shelf in the refrigerator door.
  5. Place the magnet on the upper right corner on the outside refrigerator door.
  6. Remember to update the information sheet(s) as often as necessary.