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1. I have heard that in 19 days I will have to start paying $20 for the UTOPIA service. How can they do this?
2. What's this we hear about a private partner for UTOPIA?
3. Is this a done deal?
4. What does this mean to my city and me?
5. How much is the utility fee?
6. I have never heard of Macquarie. Do they have the resources to follow through?
7. Why are governments using public-private partnerships?
8. Is it like Google Fiber in Provo and maybe Salt Lake?
9. Will my city still carry debt from UTOPIA?
10. How large an investment are we talking?
11. How do we know that Macquarie can provide such a large capital investment?
12. Some people say UTOPIA has a history of cost overruns and unfulfilled promises. Why is Macquarie different?
13. UTOPIA has not been able to effectively market a strong product offering. Why is this different?
14. Why not just let Google do it?
15. UTOPIA has faced management problems in the past. Why should we believe things will change?
16. How do we know Macquarie won't come back for more money like UTOPIA did?
17. Why is the city even in this business? This seems like a job for the private sector.
18. But will government be competing with the private sector?
19. Why am I paying taxes or fees for a system I never plan to use?
20. What about my very senior neighbors who can't afford or won't use the service?
21. What happens if technology changes? Are we going to be left behind?
22. Some say UTOPIA has service issues. How do we know that will change?
23. What about people who paid huge fees for installation, placing liens on their homes?
24. What about Wi-Fi?
25. Why don't we just mothball the system and get out of the business?
26. What if I'm basically satisfied with my current provider and don't want to change it?
27. No matter what you call it, isn't the $300 million still another debt for the city?
28. Will the utility fee increase over the thirty years of the agreement?
29. UTOPIA has made promises before, but has a spotty track record of delivery.
30. Isn't part of the problem that UTOPIA was run by politicians?
31. What is a concession agreement?
32. What does ubiquitous mean?
33. What if I don't need that much speed and don't want to pay the cost?
34. I like bundled services; will the new network offer that sort of thing?
35. What is the bottom line? Why should we buy this deal?