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Permanent Collection
The Spirit of Diversity Mural

Spirit of Diversity Mural

by Leon Burrows

Colossal Olmec Head, San Lorenzo 8 Replica

Olmec Head

  a gift to West Valley City from the City of Veracruz, Mexico

Esperando la Danza

Esperando la Danza

by Pilar Pobil



Nantou Life Photograph

Nantou Life

a gift to West Valley City from the city of Nantou, Taiwan, Republic of China

Izapa Stele 5

Replica of Izapa Stele #5
a gift to West Valley City from the city of Boca del Rio, Chiapas, Mexico

Vietnamese Friendship Statue

Friendship Statue
by Jerome Hooley
a gift from the Vietnamese Community of Utah

Chinese Gate

Chinese Heritage Friendship Gate
Ten years in the making, the Chinese Heritage Friendship Gate is a symbol of the Sister City
relationship between West Valley City, Utah and Nantou, Taiwan.

Other items in the permanent collection include: 

International Doll Collection,
donated by various individuals
A collection of traditional Native American sand paintings
by artist George Joe
Traditional Hmong Story Cloth, artist unknown
donated by Monica Rafferty
"Tapa Cloth," a traditional Polynesian woodcarving
by local artist Tonga Uaisele
Traditional Japanese clothing display entitled,
"Traditional Work Wear of Northern Japanese Farmers"
Arnold Friberg bust
by Ed Fraughton
Navajo Code Talkers photo proof artifact
24 Photographs depicting scenes from Taiwan
A collection of Chinese and Japanese Calligraphy
"Little Willie," painting by Dr. Raymond Clark
Three bronze sculptures by Chinese artist Tsang Bair
"Totem Pole Aglow"
by photographer Nancy Anderson
"Peace and Unity" and two other bell towers
by local artist Chris Coleman
"Children of Diversity" quilt
by the Utah Quilt Guild
"West Valley City," carved egg
by Best of State Winner Brian Baity
"Changing Woman," chalk painting
by Ruby Chacon
"Crowns," 18 portraits of
African-American women in church hats
by Mr. Vic
Traditional Samoan Kava Bowl
Traditional Tahitian head dress, drums, and fans
Japanese Kokeshi Gourd and Tanuki Dolls
A collection of replica Russian imperial furniture
Chinese lion dance mask
"On Aquarius at Sunset," by Bona Ros
Chinese changing masks

...and many, many more!