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If you live in West Valley City, you may license your pets at the West Valley Animal Shelter or at City Hall.

If you live in Taylorsville City, you may license your pets at the West Valley Animal Shelter, West Valley City Hall, or Taylorsville City Hall.

If your pet is lost and becomes injured, but is wearing its license tag at the time of impound, shelter or field personnel will assure medical care is provided to stabilize your pet.

Listed owners must be 18-years-old or older. When licensing, you must provide a copy of the most recent rabies vaccination verification, and the sterilization certificate if your pet is spayed or neutered.

In West Valley City, all dogs, cats, ferrets, and pot bellied pigs four months of age or older, must be licensed every year.

Animal License Fees
Licensing Fees for Taylorsville City and West Valley City:

Dogs (required to be licensed):
  • Sterilized - $8.00
  • Sterilized and Microchipped - $5.00
  • Unsterilized - $35.00

Cats (required to be licensed)
  • Sterilized - $5.00
  • Unsterilized - $35.00

Ferrets (required to be licensed):
  • Sterilized - $5.00
  • Unsterilized - $25.00

Pot Bellied Pigs (required to be licensed):
  • Sterilized - $5.00
  • Unsterilized - $25.00

Taylorsville Park Permit Fees:
  • Nonresidents - $25
  • Senior Citizens (residents and nonresidents) - $10 lifetime fee
  • Taylorsville Residents - $10

Note: Senior Citizens Rates Are Available.

Animal Services • 4522 W. 3500 South
West Valley City, Utah 84120 • Ph: (801) 965-5800