Forensics Section

The Forensic Unit is an essential part of successful criminal investigations in West Valley City. The unit is staffed by civilian employees and currently consists of a Forensic Director and four Forensic Investigators available to respond at all times. Each member of the Forensic Unit has a college degree in a forensic science discipline and has obtained specialized training in documenting and processing crime scenes ranging from burglaries to homicides.


Responsibilities of a Forensic Investigator include the following:

  • Documenting crime scenes using digital photography, digital video and computer assisted diagramming software
  • Processing items for latent print evidence
  • Casting footwear and tire impressions
  • Locating and presumptively testing biological fluids
  • Documenting blood spatter patterns and bullet trajectory
  • Collecting and preserving samples for DNA testing
  • Presumptive drug testing and Marijuana Leaf Identification
  • Collecting fingerprints from individuals using a LiveScan System
  • Entering and searching latent prints through the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS)
  • Comparing and Identifying developed latent prints to known ten print records
  • Testifying in courts of law