Strategic Operations & Crime Analysis Section

Information & Intelligence Unit (IIU)

The IIU squad of the Police Department provides several support services to the Department. The Records Management (RMS) and the Police Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) systems are supported by IIU. In turn, the RMS data is utilized by IIU to develop information which is analyzed and provided to Police Department Leadership for the Intelligence based policing management.

In addition the unit provides crime analysis to identify criminal trends and forecast potential crimes in the City. The intelligence analyst who supports investigations by analyzing the large amounts of information received from numerous sources and provides useful reports and compilations of the information assisting in the completion and prosecution of the criminal cases.

Special Investigations Unit (SIU)

The SIU is a squad of detectives that focuses on criminal activity based on intelligence gathering. SIU works closely with IIU to gather intelligence information and develop crime trends in the city. This information is received through tips from the public, outside agencies and from our own self initiated efforts. The primary goal of the unit is to decrease the crime rate and focus on criminal activity that occurs in or has a direct affect on the city.

The projects of the unit are assigned by the police administration. These projects are usually conducted after identifying a particular crime trend. This can be from a certain crime that is occurring, the geographic area where the crimes are occurring or a group of individuals that are committing a particular crime.

All members of the Special Investigations Unit actively participate in the U.S. Marshall's Joint Criminal Apprehension Team to arrest violent fugitives and major offenders.