City Council Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Due to submission deadlines and amount of material, documents included in the City Council's study packet may not be posted to the city's website. If you are interested in obtaining more information about any item on the City Council agenda, please contact the City Recorders Office at 801-963-3203.

Upcoming Meetings

Addressing the Council

Members of the public are invited and encouraged to attend West Valley City Council meetings. During each meeting, attendees will have an opportunity to address the council with any question or comments. Procedures for addressing the Council are as follows:

  1. No person shall address or attempt to address any regular, study, or special meeting of the City Council without first having been recognized by the presiding officer
  2. During each regular City Council meeting (specifically excluding work sessions), there will be a period not to exceed thirty minutes for citizen comment. The purpose of the citizen comment time is to allow citizen speakers to have direct input to the Council
  3. Before the citizen comment period, the Mayor shall instruct the audience and all potential speakers as follows:
    1. Any person wishing to comment during the Citizen Comment Period shall request recognition by the Mayor
    2. Upon recognition, the citizen shall approach the microphone and address the Mayor
    3. All citizen comment shall be directed to the Mayor
    4. No person speaking during the Citizen Comment Period shall allow his or her comments to exceed 5 minutes
    5. No person addressing the City Council during the Citizen Comment Period shall be allowed to comment more than once per meeting:
      1. Citizen speakers should not expect any debate with the Mayor, City Council or City Staff; however, the Mayor, City Council or City Staff may respond within the thirty-minute period
      2. If a citizen or member of the audience violates the provisions of this section, a City officer or member of staff will be asked to remove that person from the meeting and the remainder of the meeting
  4. In addition to the previously listed requirements, if a public hearing is scheduled for that meeting which has not occurred before the citizen comment time, the Mayor may request but not require the citizens to use the public hearing time rather than the citizen comment time to express their views concerning the subject matter of the public hearing