Graffiti Prevention Tips

General Tips

  • Add additional lighting to the area so vandals will be seen easily.
  • Add texture to the paint to make it more difficult to paint decoratively.
  • Choose paints that are easy to clean in case the vandalism reoccurs.
  • Graffiti artists want their work to be seen. By removing it immediately, their time and energy is wasted. Removing graffiti promptly is the best way to discourage future graffiti.
  • If possible, plant shrubs or bushes in front of large surfaces that are potential targets for graffiti. Planting shrubs or bushes can make it more difficult to get to a surface and therefore deter graffiti.
  • When you see graffiti in the city, encourage property owners to report the vandalism to the police department and then promptly remove it.
  • Work together with city departments to help keep our city a nice place to live and work.