Graffiti Removal Tips

Vinyl Fences

Vinyl is a solid surface and most graffiti can be removed with some products including:

  • Graffiti Scrubs™
  • Krud Kutter™
  • Tag Away™

These products will take the graffiti off with a little scrubbing and will not damage the vinyl. Before graffiti happens, spray a coat of Armor All™ on the surface of the fence to make it easier to remove graffiti.

Wood Fences

Wood is a very absorbent surface. There is really no way to take graffiti off a wood fence without altering the wood.

A pressure washer will take graffiti off and take the wood back to its original state, requiring refinishing. Another method to try is to use a steel wire brush with mineral spirits or just repaint the fence.

Power Poles

Most power poles are galvanized steel or wood. Galvanized steel poles can be cleaned with almost any chemical and will not hurt the pole, even acetone, and mineral spirits. On a wood pole, use a pressure washer or repaint the pole.


Mailboxes are usually solid surfaces and can be cleaned with Krud Kutter™, Tag Away™ or Graffiti Scrubs™ with a little scrubbing.

Cinderblock & Brick

Cinderblock or brick walls are very porous surfaces and take a little more work than most surfaces to remove graffiti. A few options to clean these surfaces include:

  • Painting over the graffiti
  • Pressure washer using a chemical
  • Soda blasting

Spray the wall with an anti-graffiti chemical to make it easier to clean if vandalism occurs.

Where can I buy these products?

Most of the products mentioned above can be purchased at:

  • The Home Depot
  • Lowes
  • Sherwin Williams
  • Walmart
  • Most industrial supply warehouses