Internal Affairs

The Internal Affairs function is important in the maintenance of professional conduct in a law enforcement agency. The West Valley City Police Department is committed to delivering the highest level of police service possible, and we are interested in receiving feedback about the quality of our service from the community we serve. We would like to hear from you if you have had a good or bad experience when dealing with our Department.

The integrity of the West Valley City Police Department depends on the personal integrity and discipline of each employee. Complaints against employees of the West Valley City Police Department are taken very seriously and may be made in person, by phone, or through mail or email by contacting the Internal Affairs Office.

The Internal Affairs Office ensures the complaint is investigated, and will submit the findings and any subsequent adjudication to the Professional Standards Review Board.
PD Compliment Complaint Concern Button
You may also print out your Police Compliment/Complaint/Concern Form and mail it to:
Professional Standards Section
West Valley City Police Department
3575 South Market Street
West Valley City, UT  84119

2017 Summary of Internal Affairs Investigations

West Valley City officers respond annually to over 100,000 calls for service and stop approximately 15,000 vehicles for traffic violations. In 2017, only nine (9) incidents of external complaints were received, which reflects a 62% reduction from 2016. The majority of internal investigations derive from agency supervisors holding employees accountable for their actions, with 37 incidents in 2017, a reduction of 27% from 2016.

With the goal of any disciplinary system being to correct the behavior or performance of an employee, the West Valley City Police Department utilizes training, counseling, and punitive actions designed to restore professionalism, which ultimately supports the integrity of the agency and the employee. The leadership of the WVC Police Department holds each employee to a high standard of professionalism and ensures that every complaint is thoroughly investigated and appropriate action taken. With only one complaint per 2,500 citizen contact and considering that many of these contacts occur during critical situations, the overall personal integrity and discipline of agency employees is clearly displayed. 

The Internal Affairs function is a vital component of the West Valley City Police Department that helps to achieve the Mission of the agency, which includes maintaining public accountability and providing excellent service to the community.  

 External / Citizen Complaints  
Citizen Complaint 9
Sustained 1
Not Sustained 1
Unfounded  3
Exonerated 0
Resigned 1
Active  3

 Internal / Directed Complaints  
Directed Complaint 37
Sustained 20
Not Sustained 2
Unfounded 2
Exonerated 0
Resigned 5
Information Only 3
 Active 5