Chief's Office

Fire Chief John Evans

Chief John Evans took the helm of the department in July 2005, and has been with the department since 1982. He worked his way through the ranks of:

  • Firefighter
  • Senior Firefighter
  • Captain
  • Fire Marshal
  • Battalion Chief
  • Assistant Chief

Statement from the Chief

"I am excited about the challenges and possibilities that we have as a department," says Evans. "There is not a better group of men and women to work with, than the Firefighters of this city."

Mission Statement

Treat people right. Be great at what you do. Look to help.

Command Staff

  • Chris Beichner - Deputy Chief
  • Mark Ownsbey - Deputy Chief
  • Nick Dodge – Battalion Chief/A Shift
  • Bridger Williams – Battalion Chief/B Shift
  • Jed Peters – Battalion Chief/C Shift
  • Jeff Fox - Battalion Chief/Fire Marshal
  • Bob Fitzgerald - Battalion Chief/Fire Training
  • Scott Byrne - Captain/Fire Training
  • Scott Hall - Battalion Chief/Medical Training and Ambulance Services
  • Brandon Howard - Captain/Medical Training