What Is A General Plan?

Plan Overview

A general plan is a detailed document that describes what a city expects to become and how best to accomplish its objectives. It considers how the community will be structured, how it will grow, operate and how it will serve its citizens over the next 20 to 30 years.

A general plan is not the law. It is an advisory document that helps provide direction and focus for city leaders as they legislate and administer laws and ordinances.

Why Update the General Plan

West Valley City has grown and changed significantly since the last general plan update in 2000. The city is much larger and much more diverse than it was a decade ago. Home and land values have risen sharply, and homes are being built in areas that weren't anticipated in the last general plan.

The Mountain View Corridor highway, bus rapid transit along 3500 South, and light rail will be under construction soon, requiring the city to examine the impacts of these projects.

Zoning & the General Plan

A General Plan is an advisory document that provides direction and focus for the community. It guides the development of new zoning ordinances to fulfill the community’s vision for growth and development.


You can participate in this process and you can make a difference. There will be several great opportunities for you to discuss the future of West Valley City and provide meaningful input. We are especially interested in your ideas regarding the specific issues referred to under Issues and Areas of Focus.

Several general public meetings will be held to gather specific input from the public about cultural values, diversity and preferences for residential and business development. Check the schedule of events for more information.