Fire Prevention & Inspections

The West Valley City Fire Prevention and Inspections Division provides:

  • Business inspections
  • CERT
  • Fire and incident investigation
  • Fire code enforcement
  • Juvenile fire setter programs throughout the community
  • Presentations
  • Public education

Fire Inspections

To schedule a fire inspection, call the Fire Prevention Office from Monday to Thursday at 801-963-3336.

Self-inspections may be suitable for low-risk/low-occupancy locations, and can be performed by the business owner or occupant by following a fire safety inspection checklist. If you have received notice that your business qualifies for self-inspection, please log into West Valley City's Citizen Service Portal

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our office.

Hazardous Materials Permit

In order to better serve the health and safety needs of the community, West Valley City in conjunction with the Fire Department has initiated a Hazardous Materials Permit program.

Our aim is to bring our community into full compliance with all aspects of the nationally recognized International Fire Code (IFC). This process will be accomplished through a vigorous business inspection and permit program. We respectfully request your participation as a West Valley City business owner / operator in completing this important paperwork, and forwarding it to our office in a timely manner.

We realize, as a business handling hazardous materials, you are faced with a number of local, state and federal reporting and regulatory requirements. It is our intent to deal specifically with those requirements which are distinct hazards to life and property and directly impact the public and our firefighters in responding to emergencies at your place of business.

Hazardous Materials Permit

View the Hazardous Materials Permit to access a PDF version of the permit application and renewal packet. The information you provide will be tabulated, condensed and forwarded to our dispatchers, Fire Prevention Inspectors and Responders responsible for the district where your property is located.

Our inspectors and hazardous materials response team, will visit your facility to put a face on the information we have received and identify any safety concerns with you. Naturally, this inspection will be scheduled at your convenience.

More Information

The permit or related documents should be completed and returned to the address listed (along with the permit application fees). Should you encounter questions regarding the compilation of the packet or the information requested, please feel free to contact our office.

Downloadable Documents