Sanitation and Utility Fees

West Valley City bills property owners directly for Storm Water Utility fees, Street Light fees and Sanitation services.

Storm Water Utility Fees

  • Residential Customers are charged $6.00 each month.
  • Commercial customers: The impervious areas of commercial properties are measured and divided by the average residential impervious area (ERU) to determine the monthly Storm Water Utility assessment.

Street Lighting Fees

  • Residential customers are charged $3.00 each month.
  • Commercial customers: Property along public rights of way is measured and divided by 80 feet to determine the monthly Street Lighting assessment.

Residential Garbage & Recycling Fees

Monthly Sanitation Fee Schedule (Updated January 2023):  NOTE: Duplexes are required to have one base service charge per residential dwelling.

  • $14.00 - One Garbage Container; No Recycling Container (base service)
  • $16.50 - One Garbage Container; One Recycling Container (base service)
  • $9.75 - Extra Garbage Container
  • $3.25 - Extra Recycling Container

Fees paid for garbage and recycling collection include monthly bulky waste collection and participation in the Neighborhood Clean-Up program (dumpsters).


  • Damaged Can
    • When a customer's can is damaged due to misuse or abuse (burnt) a replacement fee of $75.00 is added to the customer's bill.
  • Late Fee
    • Payments not paid by due date are subject to a late fee charge.
  • Returned Check Fee and Other Penalties
    • When checks are returned from your financial institution the City is charged fees. Because of this, all returned checks are charged a $20 service fee.