Youth Engagement Programs

YOUTH CITY COUNCIL2014 Kickoff Celebration

The Youth Council helps to give back to the community through learning activities and service projects. Involvement fosters a greater appreciation for our government and helps to bestow many skills that will be helpful throughout life. It also is a platform to interact with peers and make new friends. View more information on the Youth Council page.

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City Hall Tours

West Valley City offers tours of City Hall combined with educational presentations to elementary school students, scout groups, and interested resident groups. The tour includes the various public spaces of City Hall, including the chambers where the city council meets to discuss city issues and vote. As a part of this program, groups learn about how our form of government works, how the City Council and mayor are chosen and what they do, and the services the city provides. Hopefully the experience of seeing the building where so many government functions are based will increase understanding of governmental processes as well as motivate participants to become involved in city programs and encourage good citizenship. Complete an online request.

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Elementary School Presentations

A representative of the West Valley City Neighborhood Services Office is available to provide educational presentations at elementary schools in the city. The students learn about how our government in West Valley City is structured, the governmental process, as well as how the city council members and the mayor are chosen and what they do. The roles and functions of the various departments and the many services provided by the city are emphasized, as is the importance of becoming involved with the community and of being a good citizen. These presentations are designed to correlate with specific grade level curriculum.

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For more information about these programs, please contact us at:
West Valley City Hall
Public Relations
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Phone: 801-965-7092