2023 Website Button Ambulance Initial Billing

Pay your initial West Valley City ambulance bill. If your account is in default, please select the "Ambulance (Default)" option.

2023 Website Button Ambulance Default Billing

If your West Valley City ambulance billing account is in default, pay with this option.

2023 Website Button Justice Court Billing

Pay fines and fees imposed by the West Valley City Justice Court.

2023 Website Button Code Enforcement Billing

Pay for citations related to animal, yard, property or business violations. If you are currently on a payment plan, established before November 1, 2018, access your account online.

2023 Website Button Parking Ticket Billing

Pay your West Valley City parking citation.

2023 Website Button Garbage and Stormwater Utility Billing

Pay your West Valley City Sanitation (garbage and recycling) and Stormwater Utility bill.