Explore West Valley City

West Valley City is excited to join the Munzee global scavenger hunt to provide an exciting new way to explore West Valley City. Every month, a new trail will be identified within the city allowing you to explore parks, facilities, venues and other points of interest right here in West Valley City. Prizes will be offered each month for the first person to complete the Munzee trail!

What is Munzee?
Munzee is the next generation in global scavenger hunt games. Simply download the free app, scan the munzees you find, and follow the trail through West Valley City. Prizes will be offered by West Valley City to the first person to complete the trail, and you'll collect points and gain levels along the way to compete with a global network of players. It's that easy!

How does it work?
  1. Download the free Munzee app to your smartphone.
  2. Check the city's Facebook page on the first of every month for the announcement of a new trailhead.
  3. Find the Munzee at the trailhead and scan the QR Code to “capture” it.
  4. From the Munzee home screen there is a gray bar under the large MUNZEE green bar at the very top of the screen. In the gray bar “HOME” should be highlighted in the middle, and then the word “MAP” should be visible in the upper left and “LIST” in the upper right corners. If you put your finger in the middle of the right edge of the screen and swipe to the left, it should bring your “LIST” tab into view.
  5. From the List page it will show the next trail location (i.e. 2/5 – City Parks Trail 1 2). Select this from the list and it should automatically take you to the map for the next Munzee in the trail. You can then zoom in or out on the map to see how to get to the next location.
  6. After finding each Munzee you then follow the same steps until you’ve found all 5 Munzees on the trail.
  7. Be the first to send us a direct message on Facebook with a list of all Munzee locations, along with your username, and win a prize!
What are the prizes?
Prizes will be offered from local businesses for the first person to complete the trail. Prizes include movie tickets, restaurant gift cards and more!

Who can play?
Anyone can play. Whether you are a resident of West Valley City looking to experience the city in a new way, a resident of a neighboring city looking for a new way to explore the valley, or a visitor from out of town looking for a fun activity while you are here, you can participate in the scavenger hunt!

How can I find out more?
To find out more about exploring West Valley City through Munzee, call 801-963-3361 or send us an email. Learn more about Munzee by visiting www.munzee.com.
Explore WVC Munzee
Munzee Trails:

March 2015

  • Trail begins at Peachwood Park (3510 West 3965 South)
  • Prize: $20 Megaplex gift card

April 2015

  • Trail begins at Family Fitness Center (5405 West 3100 South)
  • Prize: $25 Olive Garden gift card

May 2015

  • Trail begins at Fire Station 72 (4314 West 4100 South)
  • Prize: $25 Cinemark gift card

June 2015

  • Trail begins at Country Meadows Park (4175 West 3980 South)
  • Prize: $25 Buffalo Wild Wings gift card