Affordable Housing

West Valley City has been a leader in recognizing the need for affordable housing and providing options for all needs of its residents.  The City has always worked on creating a balance of housing options for residents, which has led to neighborhood sustainability throughout the city.

Efforts of the City

It has become more and more expensive to rent or to own in the Salt Lake Valley. During the past several decades, the City realized that there needed to be a holistic approach to dealing with homelessness as well as affordable housing. 

The City Council, along with the Planning Commission and City Staff, has worked on ways to incorporate housing options throughout the city where hard working families and individuals can find affordable housing. The result of this citywide effort is evident with more than 20,000 affordable housing units now available in West Valley City.  


Affordable housing programs offer housing throughout the city in existing neighborhoods where the community rallies around those in need while also demonstrating the benefits of working hard and contributing to the neighborhood. 

Section 8 vouchers are a valuable resource for residents to have access to affordable housing and the City has a high concentration (over 17% of vouchers available for the valley wide program are in WVC).  

There is a large rental market in the city with over 31% of all housing units being renter occupied. This is higher than the vast majority of all other valley cities, and it allows more affordable options for those looking for a place to rent.