Housing Variety & Community Assistance

Emergency Shelters

West Valley City recognizes that emergency shelters are not the solution to the problem. With that said, the City has still stepped up to provide resources for those in need. The City is home to the Kelly Benson Apartments, which provides 59 housing units for those over 55. West Valley City continues to step up and provides over $500,000 annually in direct funding for homeless assistance including rental assistance, shelter support and emergency services.

Other Housing Options

The City also provides significant housing options for those with disabilities and/or mental illness with housing units at The Work Activity Center, Valley Crossroads and Valley Horizons apartments. The Decker Lake Youth Center, though not necessarily an emergency shelter, is a lock down facility for serious and habitual delinquent youth who often spend their days on the streets before going to lock down.

These are just a couple of examples of the city identifying a need for affordable housing and figuring out a way to make it work well in the city.