Crisis Intervention Team

Caring for a loved one with special needs can be challenging, especially when a crisis arises. The West Valley Police Department Crisis Intervention Team offers peace of mind by working with you and your loved one to plan for potential interactions with law enforcement. The Department has developed a much needed crisis intervention program to better serve our community.

Crisis Intervention Team

The crisis intervention team consists of detectives and a team in our patrol division. All are specially trained to assist you or your loved ones with mental health related disorders, Autism spectrum disorders, or aging disorders such as dementia. When you call 911 or our non-emergency dispatch please ask for a CIT officer. Our team is trained to handle investigations where a person with special needs may be involved and is dedicated to helping you and your loved one in a crisis.

Mental Health Court

West Valley Police is working in conjunction with our City Justice Court to provide a pathway through the criminal justice for those suffering with a mental health condition. The goal of the mental health court program is to reduce jail time and instead connect participants with community treatment services and structure a path for rehabilitation and support their stability in the community.

Project Safeguard

What is Project Safeguard?

Project Safeguard is a project in partnership with the community and Salt Lake Valley Law Enforcement. This online program promotes communication and gives police quick access to important information about a person with a disability such as Autism, Dementia, etc. This would include any disability where the individual displays a tendency to wander or shows other similar tendencies.

This program provides information that is critical for law enforcement prior to an officer's arrival at a scene and/or prior to contacting an individual such as their name, birthday, physical description, emergency contact information, known triggers and behaviors etc.

What happens when a person joins Project Safeguard?

Once the person joins the program, the information will be verified with the parent or guardian. The information will then be placed into a database in the UPD's Record Management and Dispatch Systems . If you do not reside within the Unified Police Department jurisdiction, contact your local police department to inquire if they participate in Project Safeguard or a similar program.

When possible, an officer trained in Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) will be sent to the scene.

How do I register for Project Safeguard?

To register, an adult family member or guardian of the individual should complete the following form. This form should be filled out yearly to ensure accurate information is available for first responders. You will receive a notification at the end of each year to submit new information. If the information is not updated, the file will be removed from the system.


Crisis Intervention Team Mental Health Brochure (PDF)
Crisis Intervention Team Aging Brochure (PDF)
Crisis Intervention Team Autism Brochure (PDF)
Crisis Intervention Team Metro Working Together