Crisis Intervention Team

Caring for a loved one with special needs can be challenging, especially when a crisis arises. The West Valley Police Department Crisis Intervention Team offers peace of mind by working with you and your loved one to plan for potential interactions with law enforcement. The Department has developed a much needed crisis intervention program to better serve our community.

Crisis Intervention Team

The crisis intervention team consists of detectives and a team in our patrol division. All are specially trained to assist you or your loved ones with mental health related disorders, Autism spectrum disorders, or aging disorders such as dementia. When you call 911 or our non-emergency dispatch please ask for a CIT officer. Our team is trained to handle investigations where a person with special needs may be involved and is dedicated to helping you and your loved one in a crisis.

Mental Health Court

West Valley Police is working in conjunction with our City Justice Court to provide a pathway through the criminal justice for those suffering with a mental health condition. The goal of the mental health court program is to reduce jail time and instead connect participants with community treatment services and structure a path for rehabilitation and support their stability in the community.

Special Needs Safety Program

The West Valley Police Department is working to bring a more individualized approach to public safety to serve those with mental Illness, special needs, and aging disorders. Our Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) are officers specially trained to help you and your loved one in the event of a crisis. The team is also dedicated to working with our community members to plan for a future crisis and achieve the safest possible outcome.

The way the program works is a member of our crisis intervention team will come meet with you and your loved one. We will discuss with you questions or concerns you may have and the individuals specific condition. Each person and their condition is unique and we will discuss a safety plan that's is also unique. Should we have a future event involving you or your loved one that information would be utilized by our officers to deal with any crisis and develop a uniquely tailored solution.

Let's work together to achieve the safest possible outcome.

The registration button to provide information about you and your loved one to the Crisis Intervention Team. A team member will contact you with more information.

Crisis Intervention Team Registration


Crisis Intervention Team Mental Health Brochure (PDF)
Crisis Intervention Team Aging Brochure (PDF)
Crisis Intervention Team Autism Brochure (PDF)
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