Adoption Procedure

Thank you for your interest in adopting from West Valley City/Taylorsville Animal Services! We would love for you to come to the shelter and meet your new family member. 

Adoption Procedure Background

Animal Shelter employees are tasked with finding good homes for the animals in our care. 

Utah State law requires two things of an animal shelter:   

  1. We must wait 5 business days after receiving an animal into the shelter before we can do anything with the animal; this is so the owner has time to redeem their pet.  
  2. All animals adopted out must be sterilized. After the 5 days we fix the animal then the animal is available the day after surgery for adoption. 


Our adoptions are done on a first come first served basis when the animal becomes available for adoption.  

Application and Meet-&-Greets

The person wanting to adopt fills out an adoption application. The animal shelter staff will review the application and invite the potential adopter to do a meet-and-greet with the animal that they are interested in adopting if the potential adopter, as well as the shelter staff, have no concerns then the adoption contract can be completed. 


The person applying must be 18 years of age or otherwise able to enter into a legal contract. The application and meet-and-greet does not guarantee adoption. Adoptions are at the discretion of the animal shelter staff.