Skate Park

West Valley City is proud to be home to the largest skate park in Utah. The 31,000 square foot park was designed with community input, and includes features not found in any other local skatepark.

people on bikes and skateboards at skate park

RC Rock Crawler Park

The West Valley City RC Crawler Park is free to the public and is be open during park hours of operation. All scales of RC crawlers are welcome from 1/6 down to 1/32.

The RC park is by the tennis court to the west of the outdoor pool.

Course Rules

  • 3 MPH Speed Limit
  • No pets on course
  • Be courteous to others
  • Respect people and property
  • No walking on bridges or obstacles
  • Only RC Crawlers allowed on course (no bicycles, scooters, skateboards, etc.)
  • Pick up after yourself and use trash cans
  • Please repair crawlers off-course
  • Watch your step around course obstacles
  • No unauthorized digging; no moving obstacles/rocks

We are dedicated to a family fun atmosphere, respecting the land and everyone in the RC Community. 

For more information on Programs in the Park Click here

RC Rock Crawler Park
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