Parking Compliance

Parking Dirty Dozen

The following is a list of the 12 most common parking violations in West Valley City. The City code outlining the violation is referenced in parentheses. This is not a complete list of all violations.

  1. Snow on Roads: Here in West Valley City, you can’t be parked on the street if there’s one inch or more of snow accumulated on the road.  Keeping your cars off of the streets during a snow storm allows the plows to keep your roads clear and safe for everyone. (22-2-115)
  2. Parking Near Mailboxes: You can’t park within 15 feet of a public or private curbside mailbox between the hours of 8am and 5pm.  Make sure to keep your distance so that your neighbors can get their mail and you can avoid getting a citation. (22-2-117)
  3. Sidewalks and Crosswalks: It’s illegal to park your vehicle where it blocks a sidewalk or is within 20 feet of a crosswalk. Sidewalks and crosswalks are for people, not cars. Keep them clear. (22-2-107)
  4. Fire Hydrants and Fire Lanes: There’s no parking within 15 feet of a fire hydrant. In the event of a fire, fire fighting equipment will need that space to access the hydrant.  Make sure they can get that access. Same goes for fire lanes. Fire lanes are designated by a red curb which means don’t park there. (22-2-107)
  5. Too Far from the Curb: When you park along the roadway, make sure there’s no more than 12 inches between the curb and your wheels. Any more than that and you start to interfere with the traffic flow of the street.  (22-2-113)
  6. Wrong Direction: When parking on the street, park in the same direction that street traffic would travel. That means on a two-way road, the passenger side of your vehicle should be up against the curb. If your steering wheel side is against the curb, you’re doing it wrong. (22-2-113)
  7. Disabled Parking: It’s simple. If you are not displaying an official disabled license plate or a transferable placard, don’t park in a disabled parking stall. Save these stalls for people who really need them. (22-2-114)
  8. 72 Hours: when it comes to parking, the clock is ticking. You can’t leave a vehicle on the roadway for longer than 72 consecutive hours. The vehicle must move or it’s subject to a citation. That means broken down vehicles cannot be parked at the side of the road.   (22-2-115)
  9. Driveways: Don’t park in front of someone’s driveway. Driveways need to be clear so that people can pull in and out without another vehicle obstructing them. (22-2-107)
  10. Campers/Boats/Trailers: Campers, boats, utility trailers or camping trailers can’t be parked, placed or stored on the public street. Remember, if you can’t drive it by itself, don’t park it on the street. (22-2-116)
  11. Stop Signs and Signals: You can’t park within 30 feet of a stop sign or other traffic signal located at the side of the roadway. Parking too close creates a hazard by preventing drivers from clearly seeing the signal. Give the appropriate distance and help prevent accidents. (22-2-107)
  12. Unattended Vehicles: No car can be left parked unless the engine is stopped and the key is removed. Not only is this a safety issue, but a running vehicle that’s left unattended is an open invitation for thieves. Just remember, if your car is running, you need to be with it.  (22-2-112)
This is not a comprehensive list of traffic codes and violations. For a complete list, refer to West Valley City Code Title 22-2.