Local Business Owners Ms. Bocanegra and Mr. Melgar

What matters most to you as a business owner and a community leader? 

 - "From a business perspective, job opportunities for people in West Valley is most important, as is access to jobs for people in tough circumstances.  Many mothers and fathers in the community are working two jobs, instead of raising their children.

What services matter to you to have access to?

- "More safety services, cleaner parks and good roads."

Where do you hope to see West Valley City 10 years from now?  What matters most to the future of your children, relatives, neighbors, and community?

"I am optimistic about the future.  The city is growing, and I hope more people are comfortable speaking in public.  I am optimistic about parks and schools being safer for our children.

What changes could the City make that would matter most to you and your community?

- "Clean the streets and the graffiti.  There are a lot of unoccupied lands where the weeds are as tall as people.  Someone could be hiding in those weeds, making it unsafe for our children to walk home.  Give fines to people who do not follow the codes."

What matters most to your community's day to day life?

- " I value the responsiveness of the police force and having good neighbors.  when an incident happened, I had instant help from the police and neighbors. 


Councilman Jake Fitisemanu Jr.

What matters most to you as a resident of West Valley City?  

- "I want to be able to raise my family in a vibrant, safe neighborhood where everyone can achieve the American Dream and contribute to our community."

What makes you want to stay a resident of the City?  

- "The amazing growth in our city is already providing many exciting new opportunities for commerce and retail, parks and recreation, and community development - we look forward to more improvements and growth in the future."

What originally was the reason you came here (Family,Opportunity, Community, Etc.)?

- "My grandparents moved to West Valley City from Hawai’i in 1990 and many family members have lived and still live in the city."

What matters most to you as a business owner/community leader?  

- "I appreciate living in a community that strives to be an inclusive place where people of all backgrounds can feel welcome and have equal access to resources and services."

What services matter most to you to have access to?  I.E. Parks, Good Roads, Safe Neighborhoods.

- "Parks, recreation center, transportation infrastructure, secure neighborhoods"

Where do you hope to see WVC 10 years from now?  

- "Ten years from now, I hope to see WVC as a vibrant, successful community where my daughters will be happy to live and proud to raise their own families in."

What matters most to the future of your children, your relatives, your neighbors, and your community in that time span?

- "I would love to see our neighbors more involved in civic engagement and local government in a community that provides ample opportunities to serve and encourages collective action to improve our communities and empower our city residents."

What changes could the City make that would matter most to you and your community?  What can be done better in the next decade?

- "I think we are doing a lot of great things, but we can still look for ways to improve our community outreach through targeted social media, online surveys, and opportunities for student internships and service opportunities. I would love to see more bilingual educational materials for limited English proficient residents to encourage more participation while encouraging English language learning. What matters to me most is that all residents are at least afforded the opportunity to engage with and participate in their city government and choose what level of engagement they are comfortable with. "

What matters most to your community's day to day life, in your opinion?  What do you value most?

- “I think it’s difficult for many working-class folks to make the time and exert the effort to be civically engaged because of competing demands on our time and attention. I understand why serving on a city committee or attending municipal meetings are not often at the top of our priority lists. But, I think when we begin to understand that our everyday lives– from the taxes we pay and the water that comes out of our taps – are impacted by decisions and policies that we as residents can help decide, we begin to see the value of civic engagement. I continue to work toward a community that can be politically involved and informed, without necessarily having to be “political” adversaries. When we learn from each other, include diverse perspectives, and emphasize our commonalities and shared values, we can build a West Valley City that reflects all the great things that our communities embody.”