Salt Lake County Public Health Order

Mayor Jenny Wilson and Salt Lake County Health Department have issued a new public health order to enact further protections designed to limit the spread of COVID19. The new order, called “Salt Lake County: Stay Safe. Stay Home,” is effective at 12:01 a.m.on Monday, March 30 and will be in place until 11:59 p.m. on Monday, April 13.

Read the Salt Lake County Public Health Order

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West Valley City supports the State of Utah’s directive to Stay Safe, Stay Home

Mayor Ron Bigelow, our City Council, and City Manager Wayne Pyle join the State of Utah and other counties and cities statewide in support of this directive. This decision has been made only after careful consideration and much examination of possible courses of action.

West Valley City’s Police, Fire and Public Works Departments will continue to serve our community as they have done throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Though City Hall will be closed to all non-essential activities, city staff will continue to serve our residents remotely in every way possible.

We realize that this can be an unsettling time for you, your families, and the entire community. Our commitment to serving you will continue as it has for the past 40 years. As we support the Governor in his direction, we ask you to do the same in your activities. Immediate and serious action will result in a faster reduction of this pandemic.

Read Governor Herbert’s Directive to the State of Utah.

La Cuidad de West Valley apoya la directiva del Estado de Utah de Quédense en casa, Manténgase seguro

El Alcalde Ron Bigelow, nuestro Consejo Municipal, y el Administrador Municipal Wayne Pyle están unidos con el Estado de Utah y otros condados y municipios del estado, en apoyo de esta directiva. Esta decisión fue hecha a traves de la consideración e investigación prudente de los posibles cursos de acción.

Los departamentos de la ciudad de West Valley de Policía, de Bomberos y de Obras Públicas continuarán sirviendo nuestra comunidad así como lo han hecho durante toda la pandemia de COVID-19. Aunque el Ayuntamiento permanecerá cerrado a las actividades no esenciales, el personal seguirá sirviendo a nuestros ciudadanos en un lugar apartado de todas las formas posibles.

Nosotros nos damos cuenta de que este puede ser un tiempo inquietante para usted, sus familias, y para la comunidad entera. Nuestro compromiso en servirle continuará así como lo hemos hecho durante los últimos 40 años. Mientras apoyamos al Gobernador en su directiva, les pedimos que hagan lo mismo en sus actividades. Acción seria e inmediata, resultará en una reducción mas rápida de esta pandemia.

West Valley City Operations During COVID-19 Pandemic

West Valley City officials and staff continue to monitor the current COVID-19 outbreak locally, and are working with local and state leaders to ensure that we stay on top of the latest information. In the meantime, we ask that you continue to follow guidelines of washing your hands thoroughly, staying at home when you are sick, covering your nose and mouth when you cough or sneeze, practicing social distancing, and keeping your home and work space clean.

If you have questions about COVID-19, please call the Utah Coronavirus Information line at 1-800-456-7707.

COVID-19 Pandemic Medical Response

To protect their patients and themselves, the West Valley City Fire Department has adjusted their response to all medical calls as follows:

  • One responder will make initial contact with the patient.
  • All responders will wear a mask, eye protection, and gloves.
  • An increase of personal protective equipment to include other components such as a gown, boot covers, goggles, or face shield are being implemented based on the complaint reported to dispatch or the patient evaluation.
  • A mask will be placed on every patient, no matter the complaint.
  • Patients will be asked to come outside for responders to perform a medical evaluation in a non-enclosed space. The patient may be asked to come outside from the exterior door of the home or responders may call them on the phone when they arrive.
  • If the patient has no emergent reason to be transported by ambulance, they will be asked to go to the hospital in a personal vehicle or to stay home. Basic care instructions are provided if they opt to stay home.
  • Patients that are suspected of having COVID-19 but opt to stay home are being encouraged to use the State COVID-19 hotline, 1-800-456-7707, and telemedicine services. Information cards with the COVID-19 hotline will be left with these patients.
  • Cleaning of ambulances and equipment are being done after each patient contact.
  • Daily temperature checks of all providers are being done. Sick providers are being asked to stay home.
  • Dispatch is asking the 911 caller if the patient has any flu like symptoms, a fever, or difficulty breathing. It is important that the public answers these questions so that responders can be best prepared upon arrival to the scene.
  • Daily updates on personal protective equipment, protocols, confirmed COVID-19 patients, and any other pertinent information is being disseminated to care providers.

Help and Resources for Businesses

Our local business community is feeling the impact of closures due to the coronavirus pandemic, and our Economic Development team is ready to help. If you have concerns about existing permitting or building plans please visit our online portal to get real time updates on progress of the plans. If your business needs financial assistance, the state of Utah has set up a resource page. In addition, here are a few local financial institutions that offering some favorable loans and lines of credit to help business owners and their employees:

If you’re a Utah small business owner and need help, have question or some feedback, please contact GOED Business Services at or 801-538 -8793. For questions regarding West Valley City concerns please email

Utah Department of Workforce Services Layoff Workshop


If you have been laid off due to COVID-19, join the Utah Department of Workforce Services for a daily virtual workshop to guide you through unemployment benefits, searching for a new job and more. To register, sign in or create a "my Job Search" account at


3/31/20 9:00 AM - West Valley City Animal Services is now a virtual shelter, offering adoption, RTO, and licensing services online and via video conferencing.

3/27/20 10:00 PM - Effective immediately, Stonebridge and The Ridge Golf Clubs and all city parks will be closed and will remain closed until further notice.

3/27/20 8:30 PM - The West Valley City Animal Shelter is closed until further noticed. Staff will still be on site to care for animals currently in their care and officers will still respond to priority calls.

3/26/20 12:30 PM - The West Valley City Family Fitness Center is planning to reopen on Saturday, May 2. As the city continues to follow public health and safety guidelines during the coronavirus pandemic this may change; we will update the opening date accordingly.

3/19/20 8:50 PM - SpringFest has been cancelled.

3/18/20 12:15 PM - Following the earthquake this morning, City Hall has been temporarily closed to the public. For this reason, the Planning Commission study meeting scheduled for 3 PM today is cancelled. The Planning Commission public hearing is still scheduled for March 25th at 4 PM with the pre-meeting scheduled at 3:30 PM.

3/18/20 11:30 AM - The West Valley City Family Fitness Center is suspending all bank drafts for memberships while closed. Memberships paid in full will be extended for the amount of time the facility is closed.  

3/17/20 9:40 AM - West Valley City will no longer receive building permit applications in person; applications must be submitted online. You may also call the Building Inspections office at 801-963-3282.

3/17/20 8:40 AM - The Spring session of the West Valley City Police Department Citizens Academy has been postponed until Fall 2020.

3/16/20 4:25 PM - All Parks and Recreation and Family Fitness Center Easter events have been canceled. 

3/16/20 11:50 AM - The Utah Cultural Celebration Center and Harman Theatre are closed until further notice.

3/15/20 8:30 PM - West Valley City is declaring a local emergency. This will alert the federal government of the challenges facing the city while also allowing the opportunity for receiving federal emergency funding to assist in dealing with the coronavirus disease in West Valley City. Proclamation Declaring a Local Emergency re: COVID-19

3/13/20 6:30 PM - Footloose performances at Harman Theatre will continue tonight (3/13/20) and tomorrow (3/14/20). Performances scheduled March 19 - 28 have been cancelled. For ticket exchange or refund information, call 801-965-5140.

3/13/20 6:20 PM - West Valley City Justice Court Operations have been adjusted per Standing Order No. 2020-1.

3/13/20 5:20 PM - The West Valley City Family Fitness Center will be closed and all recreation programs cancelled beginning Saturday, March 14th and continuing through Friday, March 27th. It is expected that these services will resume beginning Saturday, March 28th.

3/13/20 3:20 PM - April West Valley City Fire Department Merit Badge Classes have been rescheduled for May and June.

3/13/20 2:20 PM - Clarification: Harman Theatre performances of Footloose will continue as planned this weekend; future performances will be limited to 100 tickets per showing per Governor Herbert’s recommendation. 

3/12/20 8:45 PM - The West Valley City Family Fitness Center has cancelled all water and land based group fitness classes.

3/12/20 7:30 PM - All West Valley City services and facilities are operating without interruption with the following exceptions: Footloose performances at the Harman Theater have been limited to 100 ticket sales per showing; the Harman Senior Recreation Center has been closed until further notice.

We will update this page with changes and information as it becomes available.

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