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As West Valley City continues to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, we support the State of Utah’s Directive to Stay Safe, Stay Home.

Here are some ideas for you, your family and your neighborhoods to help stay connected and have some fun while practicing social distancing. 

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Share your community pride and share messages with your neighbors. Here are some color sheet that can be downloaded, printed, colored and place in your windows to show your community support.  We have also included some color versions for those that don't want to color them.  

We Are WVC Strong (BW)
We Are WVC Strong (Color)
We Heart Our Emergency Responders (BW)
We Heart Our Emergency Responders (Color)
We Heart Our Neighbors (BW)
We Heart Our Neighbors (Color)

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It's pretty simple to play along.
1. Find some rocks
2. Paint the rocks
3. Hide the rocks
4. Find the rocks
Use your neighborhood social media page to post pictures of where they are hidden and when you find them.  
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Its great to be outside in the yard (while social distancing of course) and saying hello to neighbors.  Why not give them some art as they go for walks!  Several neighborhoods have been turned into art galleries for our strolls. 
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Any chance you have a stuffed bear in your house?  Place them in your windows for kids in the neighborhoods to go on bear scavenger hunts while out for walks (while social distancing) with their parents.  
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