1/28th scale RC Car Racing

West Valley City 28 Scale Grand Prix

Come race your 1/28th Scale RC cars with us on February 29th, March 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, at the Utah Cultural Celebration Center (1335 West 3100 South, 84119, Utah).  We will be racing the following 9 classes: 

  1. Rocky Mountain Spec
  2. Rocky Mountain Spec Expert 
  3. Stock
  4. Formula 1
  5. LMP / LMH (Le Mans Prototype / Le Mans Hypercar)
  6. 3500 GT
  7. Modified AWD
  8. Modified GT
  9. Modified Open

We will be hosting club racing on Thursday 2/29/2024 on the big track.  It will be $10 to get in the door and the track will be open from 3PM - 9PM.  The track will be open for practice runs and pit set up on Friday 3/1/2024 starting at 10AM.  Qualifiers will begin on Saturday 3/2/2024 at 9AM, and Mains will follow.  Sunday 3/3/2024 will be for finishing mains as well as handing out awards for everything.  

The registration fee for the West Valley City 28 Scale Grand Prix is:

$60 - 1st Entry (this includes a race shirt)

$40 - 2nd Entry

$20 - 3rd Entry

Free - 4th Entry and so on

 Register before 2/15/2024 to guarantee your shirt size.  We are using Easy Lap transponders.  

-2024 West Valley Grand Prix Rules Click HERE

-To Register Click Here

The registration process might seem tricky, but it's very easy once you start.  

1. Log in or Create an Account.

2. Click on “Adult Sports & Programs”

3. Under 1/28 Scale RC Car Racing select the “West Valley City 28 Scale Grand Prix”

4. Select the account member who is going to be racing.  (You can select more than one account member to register at a time.)

5. Click “Add to Cart”.

6. Click “Checkout”, Select your shirt size from the drop-down options. 

7. Click yes on the number of classes you will be racing.  

8. Click on the "select one or more" drop down menu and select all the classes you will be racing.

4. Click “Submit Responses”

5. For the “Special Event Release, Indemnification & Hold Harmless” waiver click email waivers at the top. Click “Confirm Waiver Agreement”.

 If you have any questions please reach out to Clayton Preston @ (801)955-4017, or Clayton.Presto[email protected]   We are excited to see you at the race! 

 For more information please contact:

Clayton Preston @ 

[email protected] or (801)955-4017

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Grand Prix 2024 Schedule

Practice Schedule

Grand Prix 2024 Practice Schedule
Audi Mini Z

Mini Z Racing

The sport of mini-z racing is enjoyed all throughout the world.  It is a remote controlled car that is, as its name implies, mini.  It is a 1/28th scale RC car that fits in the palm of your hand, but is a very sophisticated piece of tech that is very fun. 

We have already hosted several big three day long races at the West Valley City Family Fitness Center and plan on doing more.  We are also starting a monthly race night club where people of all experience levels can get together and work on there cars and race.  For more information please contact:

Clayton Preston @ (801)955-4017 or [email protected]