Neighborhood Cleanup Program

Neighborhood Dumpster Photo

Once a year, neighborhoods may schedule dumpsters for their neighborhood; dumpsters are not automatically scheduled. The dumpsters are delivered and picked up two days later. West Valley City asks that the group representatives who schedule the dumpsters advertise when the dumpsters will be coming. The city will provide flyers at no cost to the group. 

The scheduling of dumpster begins the first day of business in February for placement between the second week of March and the second week of November. The schedule is filled upon a first come first served basis. 

Making A Reservation

  • Contact Ray Hinkle, Sanitation Service Coordinator, at 801-955-3723.
    • The Sanitation Service Coordinator will answer your questions and help you schedule a time for dumpsters to be delivered.
  • A Flyer Packet will be available two weeks before the scheduled date for the group’s representative to pick up. The Packet includes flyers, letter describing the program’s rules, and a map showing where the dumpsters will be placed. 
  • The group’s representative is responsible for seeing that flyers are distributed to the homes shown on the map. Upon request, West Valley City Sanitation will print the flyers for free. Contact the Sanitation Service Coordinator to request printing.

Guidelines for Dumpster Use

  • Dumpsters are for residential use only. Contractors or construction sites are not eligible to use the neighborhood dumpsters.
  • Absolutely no household hazardous waste. For hazardous waste disposal information, contact the Salt Lake County Health Department at 801-541-4100. Household hazardous materials include, but are not limited to items listed below.:  
    • Pesticides (bug killer solutions)
    • Herbicides (weed killer solutions)
    • Solvents (paint thinner, alcohol, acetone, and similar solutions)
    • Paint
    • Motor oil
    • Gasoline or Diesel 
    • Tires
    • Batteries
    • Fuel tanks (propane, butane, etc.)
  • Other materials that are not acceptable:
    • Rock or dirt
    • Concrete
    • Asphalt
    • Animal waste
  • Do not overload the dumpsters! Never fill above the dumpster's sidewalls. Before a dumpster can be hauled off, it must be covered with a tarp. Overloaded dumpsters can’t be tarped.
  • Never leave items on the ground next to a dumpster.
  • Scavenging is not allowed! Please call the West Valley City Police Department at 801-840-4000 to report violators.
  • Dumpsters are only available once per year in each area.

Tip:   Most of the items that you would put in a dumpster may be put out for bulky waste pickup. You just need to follow the bulky waste rules.