Slurry Seal & Polymer Seal Schedule

Slurry Seal

West Valley City Public Works crews perform Slurry Seal and Polymer Seal Coating projects throughout West Valley City during the summer months in an effort to maintain and extend the life of streets. 

  • Slurry Seal is a thin coat of asphalt emulsion with sand and small gravel. It is applied about 1/8 to 1/4 inch thick and provides some structural support and rejuvenation of older asphalts. 
  • Polymer Seal Coats are a thin coat of asphalt emulsion with polymers and fine sand that is used on newer asphalts to prevent the asphalt from oxidizing in the sun and provide friction. Think of this as sunscreen for roads.

Notices will be delivered to properties on streets scheduled for Polymer Seal Coating and Slurry Sealing. Occasionally, streets are missed due to weather or construction delays; if your street was missed, it will be rescheduled and a new notice will be delivered.