Residential Landscaping

Where do I need landscaping in my yard?

  • Landscaping is required in the front yard, which is the area between the front of the building and the front lot line. 
  • For corner lots, landscaping is also required between the sidewalk and the side line of the house between the front property line and the rear property line for any areas that are visible from the public right-of-way.
  • City ordinance requires either landscaping or concrete to be installed in park strips. Landscaping in park strips can include live plant material, non-living ground covers such as rock or bark mulch, or artificial turf, which requires a permit. A permit is also required from the Public Works Department to install concrete in the park strip. 

What type of landscaping is required?

  • Landscaping should include at least one tree and can include a combination of lawn, shrubs or ground cover. 
  • Ground cover may include vegetative vines, low-spreading shrubs, or annual or perennial flowering or foliage plants, mineral or nonliving organic permeable material, or artificial turf that meets the standards in Section 7-2-127.
  • Mineral ground cover may include such materials as rocks, boulders, gravel, or brick over sand.

How many plants are required?

  • A minimum of 30 percent of the front yard must have live plant material. Tree canopies do not count towards the required percentage.
  • When artificial turf is used in the front yard it may be used in place of the required live plant material. Specific regulations must be met when installing artificial turf. 

How big can my driveway be?

  • For single family homes, up to 40% of a front yard may be covered with a hard surface like concrete or asphalt. This percentage may be increased to 50% for lots on cul-de-sacs and lots on major streets that need a circular driveway. 

When do I need city approval for work done in my yard?

  • Landscaping does not require a permit; however, a no-fee permit is required before artificial turf is installed.
  • A permit is required from the Public Works Department for pouring concrete in the park strip or for widening and/or adding a drive approach.

Water-efficient landscaping programs and resources are available through the Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District. For more information, click here.

Download a Residential Landscaping information sheet here.