Thankful Box

Fall banner that says "Thankful Box"

One of the purposes of West Valley City's Neighborhood Services division is to support residents in connecting with their neighbors. Connected neighborhoods reduce safety concerns as they know their neighbors, are more aware of their surroundings, and report concerns or suspicious activity.

One way the division is supporting neighborhood connection this Fall, is beginning a new project entitled "Thankful Boxes." The purpose of this program is to help neighbors stay connected during the busyness of the season. The concept of the project is to share these Thankful Boxes in scavenger hunt style. Neighborhood Services will provide Thankful Boxes to distribute around their community. This might include a local park, community mailbox, or even with a neighbor who has taken a leadership role, such as a block captain. They will then share hints about where the boxes are in the neighborhood through their neighborhood's Facebook page or flyers around the neighborhood. Residents will be able to find the boxes and share the fun by posting a picture on their neighborhood's Facebook page. 

This project will be available to neighborhoods who are registered with West Valley City. Want to learn how to register your neighborhood? Neighborhood Registration Application