The West Valley City Police Department Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Team is a designated group of law enforcement officers who are selected, trained, and equipped to work as a coordinated team in an attempt to resolve incidents that may exceed the capabilities of first responders or investigative units.  

The philosophy and mission of SWAT is to save lives. The primary focus of SWAT is to provide tactical solutions that increase the likelihood of de-escalation and safe resolution of high-risk incidents. The primary characteristics of SWAT that distinguishes it from other units is the focus of effort. The SWAT Team is focused on tactical solutions, as opposed to specialized units whose assignment requires them to conduct apprehensions; conduct narcotics investigations; to conduct gang enforcement; or, to complete other dangerous tasks beyond the traditional assignments associated with the line-level officers.  

The West Valley City Police Department has instituted a SWAT Team that is highly skilled, well trained, and considered a contemporary practitioner in tactical solutions.  

Commanders Vision  

The West Valley City Police Department SWAT Team will be prepared to encounter any situation it may face. We will meet today’s external challenges with a positive attitude, a resolute focus on interoperability, collaboration, and professionalism. Team membership is a privilege and must be regarded as such. Team members must accept the inherent hazards that are associated with the profession and be willing to place the welfare of others above their own.  

Our trademark will be leadership, professionalism, making others better and competency in our core capabilities. The team will be a resource for the department, not just in tactical solutions for high-risk situations but by providing mentorship, organizational citizenship, and teamwork. Passing knowledge, skills and lessons learned to the next generation. Team members will refuse to quit, learn from their mistakes, and engage in the lifelong campaign of personal and professional development. Leaving the organization better off today than it was yesterday.  

Mission Statement  

To save lives by providing tactical solutions that increase the likelihood of de-escalation and safe resolution of high-risk evolving incidents.   

Team Motto  

Servimus ad Salutem – We serve to save lives.