How to Come Into Compliance

I received a Courtesy Notice. What’s next?

Well-maintained neighborhoods promote community pride, reduce crime, and increase property value. To help neighborhoods meet this objective, West Valley City notifies property owners of apparent code violations on their property. The Courtesy Notice you received is an attempt to informally resolve the violation described, and avoid a formal, legal Notice of Violation or citation being issued. 

The Courtesy Notice typically allows 15 days to resolve the issue, but different circumstances frequently necessitate more time. If you feel the problem cannot reasonably be resolved by the date indicated on the Courtesy Notice you received, or you would like to discuss how your property can come into compliance, please contact the officer who issued the Courtesy Notice and discuss the matter with him/her. Code Officers prioritize compliance with City laws, not issuing citations. Approximately 75% of property owners resolve their code issues within the 15 days provided in the Courtesy Notice. 

Thank you in advance for your assistance in resolving this matter!

Notice of Violation

Those properties not in compliance after the 15 days listed in the Courtesy Notice will receive a formal legal document called a Notice of Violation. This document notifies the property owner of a West Valley City code violation, and gives the property owner 10 days to fix the problem and request an inspection by the officer who issued the Notice. Failure to fix the violation and request an inspection within the 10 day grace period results in a fine of $25/day for each violation listed, beginning on day 11. Click here to request an inspection.

Other important information:

  • An appeal must be filed in writing within the 10 day grace period
  • Fines consisting of $25/day per violation continue until the property is brought into compliance.
  • Repeat violations within a 12 month period will result in the issuance of a Notice of Violation with no grace period.  Fines start the day the Notice is issued.

Court Hearing

Properties not in compliance by the end of the grace period listed in the Notice of Violation will be submitted for prosecution before the West Valley City Administrative Law Judge. The property owner is notified of the date and time of the court hearing and invited to attend and present a defense. At the hearing, the City will request the fines as outlined in the Notice of Violation, as well as request a Court Order to enter and remove all listed violations of West Valley City Code.


If the Administrative Law Judge issues an order requiring the City to enter and fix or remove violations on a property, the City will use a combination of Police Officers, Code Enforcement Officers, an qualified private contractors to remove vehicles, cut lawns, and remove items. The cost of bringing the property into compliance, including City personnel time and contractor billing, will be placed as a lien against the property.