Most Violated Ordinances

Solid Waste Photo

Outside Storage / Solid Waste

Items intended for indoor use should remain indoors. Discarded, spent, broken, or useless items must be disposed of properly. 24-2-112

Areas of off-street parking may not be used for outdoor storage of materials 7-6-203, 24-2-111A, 24-2-112

Photo of broken car

Inoperable Vehicles

All vehicles are assumed operable unless it is readily observable that the vehicle is mechanically inoperable or incomplete (flat tires, missing body panels or windows, on jacks, etc.). Car covers are acceptable as screening -- generic tarps are not acceptable. 24-2-111A

Front Yard Weeds Photo


Landscaping (grass, flowers, flower beds, decorative dirt, bushes, trees, bark, gravel, artificial turf, and weeds) must be maintained; grass and weeds must be maintained below 6 (six) inches high. 7-11-205, 24-8-106

Photo of Parking Surface

Parking Surfaces

Asphalt, concrete, and gravel are the only approved parking and maneuvering surfaces, and should not exceed 40% of the front yard. Gravel is assumed as landscaping surface unless readily observable as parking or maneuvering area. Concrete and asphalt are assumed as parking and maneuvering surfaces unless readily observable as landscaping, walkways, etc. All parking areas must be permanently maintained. 7-9-114

Truck Parking Photo

Commercial Vehicle Parking

No heavy commercial vehicles (semis, commercial trucks, etc.) are allowed to park in a residential area. 7-2-115

photo of bush blocing sidewalk

Obstruction of Sidewalk

Vegetation, fences, and snow may not obstruct passage of sidewalks. Vehicles may not be parked to obstruct a sidewalk. 19-3-101

Photo of Broken Fence


All fences must be constructed with approved fencing material and maintained with similar material and color. Fences must be upright. Front yard fences are not to exceed four (4) feet; side and rear fences are not to exceed six (6) feet. 7-2-114

Photo of Graffiti on fence

Graffiti Removal

All graffiti must be removed. 24-7-104, 24-8-109

Resources are available to assist with graffiti removal. Click to learn more.

garage sale photo

Too Many Garage Sales

Residents are permitted to hold up to four (4) garage sales per year. 7-7-115(3)(c)

Photo of loud party

Noise / Loud Party

Excessive loud noise (disturbing neighbors) is prohibited between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. 24-22-107, 24-22-108