General Recycling Info

In order to recycle a material, that material needs to have a cost-effective way to get to a location that can process the material. Just because a material is recyclable doesn’t mean that it can get to a recycler in a cost-effective way. This is especially true with a single stream recycling system.

A single stream recycling system is where many kinds of recyclable material are placed in a container; then dumped into a truck. The truck then takes the material to a sorting center (MRF). At the MRF the different materials are sorted out and sent to appropriate recyclers that are available in their geographical market.

Recycling Alternatives to Single Stream

  • Single Material Collection Locations
    • Clean Paper and Cardboard
      • Schools in West Valley City have a dumpster that they have available for collection of clean paper and clean cardboard. The money they receive is used for School purposes. The paper collected is recycled by a company in West Valley City.  
    • GlassThere are three locations in WVC where there are dumpsters for collecting glass bottles.  The glass is used to make insulation.

What To Put in Your Recycling Can

  • Clean paper and cardboard
    • regular paper and cardboard that isn’t coated
  • Plastic bottles and jugs
    • Milk bottles, water bottles, detergent bottles, and soda bottles
  • Metal cans (aluminum, steel, or tin)
    • Soda cans; metal cans that contain food such as meat, soup, or vegetables.

Unacceptable Items to Put in Your Recycling Can

  • Plastic shopping bags
  • Coated paper (photography, glossy magazine covers, etc.)
  • Coated cardboard (milk or broth cartons covered in wax; cardboard bonded with plastic, etc)