Reverend Vinnetta Golphin-Wilkerson

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Pastor V with several members of the Healthy West Valley Committee
Reverend Vinnetta Golphin-Wilkerson, lovingly known in the community as 'Pastor V', has been serving the West Valley City community since 2011, when she moved from Atlanta to Salt Lake City to lead the congregation of Granger Community Christian Church. Since then, she has been a true leader for change, compassion, and advocacy. During her time as reverend, she began hosting Project Cornucopia, an event aimed to create a one-stop-shop for community members to learn about and access needed resources from food, education, health, and more. Reverend Vinnetta and her congregation saw that food access was a high need in the community with fewer options for accessible resources on the West-side. The congregation began organizing a food bank on Saturday mornings at their church location. With increased food insecurity through the COVID-19 pandemic, the Granger Community Christian Church food bank was a vital resource to many community members in the city and continues to be as food costs continue to rise. Reverend Vinnetta has sat on several committees within the city, including the Healthy West Valley group, aimed at increasing the health and overall well-being of residents. She has also participated in the My Hometown Interfaith Council, as a voice to unite the community through faith and kindness. On a larger scale, she is an advocate for change at the county and state level. On many occasions, Pastor V has spoken at the capitol advocating for those who are experiencing homelessness and the need for affordable housing in Salt Lake County as part of the Coalition for Religious Communities. So many community members have kind words for Reverend Vinnetta as she ends her tenure at Granger Community. We at the City admire and appreciate the work she has diligently done over the past 13 years. 
"She is just an amazing colleague. She is always looking for ways to serve the community member. And she's never afraid to speak her mind. She has done so much for West Valley but also for the greater Salt Lake area and Utah." - retired Pastor Christine Higueria-Street, West Valley City resident
"Pastor V has been a pivotal leader within her church, community, and as an active member of the Healthy West Valley Committee. From the food pantry that operates and serves hundreds of community members per week to the active participation in connecting community resources, her reach has made a lasting impact for the residents of West Valley. As part of our Healthy West Valley Committee, she has helped to organize several community health fairs, provided key feedback for initiatives, and during the height of the pandemic, connected families with COVID resources like the vaccine clinics held at the church and masks. I won't be alone in saying we'll miss her and know that she will be amazing in whatever else life brings her!" - Kevin Nguyen, Healthy West Valley Chairperson