Manufactured Component Carports


Manufactured component carports are aluminum, steel, or fiberglass structures that are shipped in components from manufacturers both in and outside the State of Utah.

These structures are not conventional construction. These structures must have plans on file that are stamped by an engineer, and/or include an ICC evaluation report approval number. These plans must have been approved by the WVC Building Inspection Division. These plans must be in the registered file.

Acquiring a Permit

Since these plans indicate that these structures are manufactured to a wide variety of design criteria, since our area is exposed to 30 pounds per square foot roof snow load and 115 mile-per-hour wind gusts, and since these plans include a wide variety of ways to meet this design criterion, each permit applicant must comply as follows:

  1. Submit a permit application with a signature of the contractor who will perform the installation.
  2. Submit a site plan showing the location of all structures on the property for Planning / Zoning approval.
  3. Contractor of record must sign the Carport Design Criteria Form:
    1. Original signatures only
    2. No fax signatures accepted
  4. After permit issuance, the contractor of record must request the following inspections with at least 24 hours prior notice:
    1. Footing inspection before placing concrete
    2. Final inspection