Industrial Use Requirements

Required Information
This information is needed to adequately address all questions in review.
  • Give brief description of existing building structure (block walls with wood truss roof; steel frame building with metal siding, etc.)
  • How will any anticipated spill be removed from area?
  • Need data sheets on all flammable combustible and hazardous materials (liquids, solids, and gases).
  • Need description of process and how these materials are applied, and in what quantities.
  • Need list of amounts above to be used and size/type of containers.
  • Need list of amounts of materials to be stored on site and location/method of storage. Also size / type of containers.
  • Submit floor plan of building and include distance to all property lines. Floor plan should show the following:
    • Accurate room dimensions
    • Any mezzanines and their use
    • Electrical receptacles, lights, panel boxes, etc.
    • Existing and future partitions
    • Exit doors and sizes.
    • Is building totally or partially sprinklered?
    • Location of major equipment (ovens, HVAC, spray booths, etc.)
    • Use of each room
    • Windows and sizes