How to Come into Compliance

Courtesy Letter

A courtesy letter is a notice advising residences that there may be a violation on the property. The resident will be given a time frame to get the property into compliance. After that time an officer will inspect the property.

If it is still in violation, or other violations are found on the property, a notice of violation will be prepared.

Notice Of Violation

The first notice of violation is issued after a courtesy letter. The notice gives the property owner 10 days to get the property into compliance. Failure to comply results in a $25 fine per charge per day until the property is brought into compliance and an inspection is requested or until the property is cleaned by the city.

Other important information on notices include the following:

  • Fines will automatically start the day the notice is mailed, posted or issued.
  • If the violations appear on the property within 12 months from the date of clearance, a second notice is issued.
  • It is the responsibility of the owner to call and request an inspection to receive a notice of compliance.
  • Notices are delivered by mail, posting, or issued an officer.
  • There is no grace period for a second notice.

Administrative Citation

An administrative citation can be issued for any city code violation. The fine schedule is as follows:

  • 1st charge or violation - Up to $100 per violation
  • 2nd offense - Up to $200 per violation
  • 3rd offense - Up to $400 per violation

A citation fine does not accrue daily as with a notice of violation. It is a one time fine with a compliance date. Failure to comply by the appointed date will result in a second offense fine.

If the violation is resolved and the fine is paid, the case is closed. If the violation occurs again within 12 months, a second offense would result.


When a property owner fails to clean his or her property within the allotted time given by an officer or judge, the judge will issue an order for the city to remove some or all violations from the property.

All costs associated with clearing the property are billed to the property owner.