Group Cycling

Fitness and Wellness

The following policies apply for all Aerobics and Cycling classes.


  • All members may pick up a wristband for class on the same day at any time during normal operating hours.
  • All Non-members are able to purchase a wristband for class beginning 1 (one) hour prior to the start of class time.
  • Only one wristband per patron will be given out.
  • Patron must be present in order to receive a wristband and cashier will attach wristband to patron's wrist.
  • You must visibly display your wristband at all times during class.

First Class Free

We encourage our patrons to try our classes and therefore offer the first class free with the following policies:
  • Patron must enroll and sign-in at the front desk.
  • Patron is not able to receive a wristband for the class they wish to attend until one hour prior to the start of class.

Group Cycling

Cycling Class

 A high-energy cardiovascular workout on a stationary bike designed for all fitness levels. Jump on a bike and ride to a "new place" with over 80 Virtual DVDs to escape to. You will experience hill climbs, rolling hills and sprints. Participants have total control of resistance and intensity level of their workout. Improve your cardio endurance and muscular strength with drills and intervals as well as Tabata training. 


Use the stationary bike as your training tool to ride short, high-intensity intervals, interspersed with periods of needed recovery. 30 minutes is all you need! This I snot your typical cycle class!
Class  Start Time
Monday BOLT!/Core (Studio B) 5:30am 
Monday BOLT! (Studio B) 8:35am
Monday  BOLT! (Studio B) 7:00pm
Tuesday BOLT!/TRX (Studio B) 5:30am
Wednesday BOLT!/TRX (Studio B) 5:30am
Wednesday Cycling (Studio B) 7:00pm
Thursday BOLT!/TRX (Studio B) 5:30am
 Friday Cycling/Yoga (Studio B) 5:30am
Friday BOLT! (Studio B) 8:00am
Saturday Cycling (Studio B) 7:30am


Class Fees
Single Visit
Four Week Pass
Senior Member
Senior Non-Member
For more information, contact Parker Chapple at 955-4156 or email: