Mobile Patrol

Neighborhood Watch Mobile Patrol


A group of trained citizens who want to stop crime in their neighborhoods by being the "eyes and ears" of the West Valley City Police Department. Like the traditional neighborhood watch, mobile patrol groups report any crime and suspicious activity to the Police and their neighbors

The purpose of citizen mobile patrol is to assist in deterring crime. Patrol members should report crimes and suspicious activity to the Police. These citizens can also educate their communities in good safety practices.

Successful efforts to combat crime requires the cooperative efforts of police and citizens. The police simply cannot be everywhere. For this reason, success in fighting crime is dependent on citizen cooperation and assistance. Many crimes might never be committed if citizens were more alert to suspicious activity and notified the police immediately.

Mobile Patrol Kits

Mobile Patrol kits will be made available through the Neighborhood Services Office. Materials will be checked out and are expected to be returned if your program becomes inactive. The kit will include: 

  • Car Magnets
  • Documentation Log
  • Flashlight
  • Flood Light
  • A Storage Box


Some things to remember about mobile patrol members:

  • Participants must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Participants always patrol in teams - never alone.
  • Participants are required to attend training provided by West Valley City a minimum of once every two years.
  • Participants do not have police authority.
  • Participants are responsible and liable for their own safety and actions at all times.
  • Participants should not leave their vehicle to confront suspects.
  • Participants can not represent themselves as employees of representatives of the Police or city.
  • Participants should not carry or use weapons such as firearms, nightsticks, mace, clubs, etc.
  • Participants can not consume any alcoholic beverage eight hours prior to or during their patrol shift.

Participants should

Always consider their own personal safety as the first priority!