After School Programs

community education partnership of West Valley City, Inc. Key to Afterschool opportunities

Community Education Partnership of West Valley City

Providing high quality out-of-school-time and after school community events for West Valley City families and students, resulting in increased opportunities for learning.

Why Citizens Should Support Afterschool in West Valley City

  • Afterschool programs keep children safe during non-school hours.
  • Research shows that youth are most likely to engage in risky behaviors (drinking alcohol, smoking, using drugs, and engaging in sexual activity) in afterschool hours.
  • Afterschool programs provide opportunities for youth to enhance and apply their academic skills.
  • Research shows that youth who participate in afterschool programs show an increase in attendance, grades, and positive behavior during regular school hours.
  • Cities need an educated workforce to attract business and sustain economic development.

More information about the Community Education Partnership of West Valley City and its programs is available online.