ICE - In Case of Emergency

ICE - In Case of Emergency

In the event of daily emergencies, which we all may be involved in, the West Valley City Fire Department is asking for your assistance. In an emergency, fire and police personnel who respond want to treat you quickly and also notify your family and friends about the incident and needs, which you may have.

With ICE, first responders and hospital staff will turn to a victim's mobile phone address book and know immediately who to contact. When seconds matter, this information may be vital. For example, the emergency contact may be able to provide critical information about the victim's medical history.

Program Purpose

The idea is to store the word ICE in the address book of mobile phones with the name and phone number of the person that should be contacted in the event that the cell phone owner is injured and unable to communicate this information. For more than one contact name and priority, use ICE1, ICE2, ICE3, etc. It's that simple.

By adopting the ICE program, your cell phone becomes a life saving tool, allowing first responders to know right away who to notify.