Types of Business Licenses

Home Business License

If the home base for your business is your home address and you reside in West Valley City, you will need to obtain a Home Business License from West Valley City. This includes entities that have no other address (e.g, no commercial site) and, by default, use their home address as the mailing address for their business (e.g, traveling sales people who work out of their vehicles, consultants / service providers who travel to the customer's site to perform their services, etc.).

Commercial Business License

If the address for your business is not your home, but some other location within West Valley City limits, then you are a commercial business. Please note that this address can not be a residential address and must be an approved use at that location.

Rental Dwelling Business License

Any owner of a rental dwelling unit shall obtain and maintain current a business license. Owners of more than one rental dwelling unit shall be required to obtain only one business license, provided that the owner furnishes to the city all owner contact information as well as a current, complete list of the rental dwelling units owned.

Any owner of less than three rental dwelling units shall be subject to the variable fees set forth in the Consolidated Fee Schedule. Owners of less than three rental dwelling units shall not be subject to the base license fee. Any owner of three or more rental dwelling units shall be subject to the base fee and variable fees set forth in the Consolidated Fee Schedule.

Solicitor License

This type of license includes solicitors, peddlers and vendors and refers to the activity of those who enter the premises of any private property in the city, not having been invited by the occupant thereof, for the purpose of taking or attempting to take orders for the sale of goods, merchandise, wares, or other personal property of any nature for future delivery, or for services to be performed in the future; or those that carry or transport goods, wares, merchandise or personal property of any nature and offer the same for sale; or offer to perform services in exchange for compensation.

This also includes any person who solicits orders and, as a separate transaction, makes deliveries to purchasers as part of a scheme to evade the provisions of this ordinance. This also includes any person, traveling by foot, wagon, vehicle, or any other type of conveyance from street to street, carrying, conveying, or transporting goods, wares, or merchandise and offering and exposing them for sale, or making sales and delivering articles to purchasers; or who, without traveling from place to place, exhibits, displays, sells, or offers for sale such products while on the public ways of the city.

In addition to completing the license application, there are other requirements to meet before the license can be issued. Please contact the Licensing Department directly for further information. A Solicitor's License is only valid within West Valley City.